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Alberhasky Law Firm prides itself on helping our clients receive the compensation and settlements they deserve. We seek justice on their behalf to ensure your needs are met and your concerns are heard.


At The Alberhasky Law Firm, our goal is to provide legal counsel to multiple Missouri communities. The cities we serve include the following: Springfield, Nixa, Republic, Ozark, Branson, West Plains, Lebanon, Cabool, Monett and Camdenton.

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Previous Cases

In your decision making about whether to pursue a personal injury or workers’ comp case, it may help put your nerves at ease to learn about others’ cases. At Alberhasky Law Firm, we have 25 years of experience dealing with these situations. Review some of our recent cases.

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Court of Appeals Rules On Deaf and Blind Students IEP Regulations

This case from Alberhasky Law Firm supports disabled children seeking an education. This precedent has helped many disabled children across the entire nation.

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Worker's Compensation Win for Missouri Corrections Officer

After 6 years of litigation, Alberhasky Law Firm helped a Missouri Corrections Officer - who suffered from severe injuries while combating a prisoner - receive proper healthcare.

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Over $300,000 Awarded in Workers' Compensation Case Against Walmart

Walmart denied an employee's workers' compensation claim. The client's injury worsened over time resulting in hospitalization and the amputation of her foot. This limited the client's ability to work. With the help of Alberhasky Law Firm, this individual received fair compensation for her injury and for the time spent unemployed.

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We pride ourselves on helping our clients receive the compensation they deserve while also offering the best customer service available. Read some of our client testimonials to get a better idea of how we will serve you.