Judge Orders Walmart to Pay Over $300,000 in Workers Comp Benefits

The Alberhasky Law Firm recently won a judgment against Walmart for more than $300,000 in medical and disability benefits. The judge’s order came after Walmart denied a workers’ compensation claim to our client after an on-the-job injury. Our client injured herself while at working at Walmart, but did not notice until after work. When she noticed the injury, she undertook procedures to clean the wound. A few weeks later, the injury got worse, and our client went to the hospital after experiencing shortness of breath.  She then notified Walmart about her injury and hospitalization. She was soon diagnosed with a life-threatening illness which originated from the injury. After surgery failed to solve the issue, the entire foot had to be amputated to ensure that her condition would improve. Because her job was service-related, and because she had worked in that industry for so long, her injury limited her future employment opportunities. After Walmart denied her claim, The Alberhasky Law Firm accepted the case. The judgment ensures that the claimant received fair compensation for her injury and coverage for the time she will spend unemployed.

What Is an Injury on the Job?

Well, an injury on the job can be any variety of things. It could stem from an auto accident, a fall, or any other variety of work-related activities. A workplace injury is generally defined by answers to two questions:
  1. Was the accident the main factor in causing the injury?
  2. Did the injury come from a hazard unrelated to the employment?
In other words, would the worker have still been exposed to the risk that caused their injury, even if their employment weren’t a factor? In addition to accidents, there are other hazards that can cause workers’ compensation injuries. These include repetitive use of your back, arms, or legs, or exposure to toxic chemicals.

What Should I Do if I May Have Been Injured on the Job?

If you have been injured on the job, there are a few things you should do before filing a workers’ compensation claim:
  1. Notify your employer of the injury as soon as possible
  2. If your claim is denied, contact a workers’ compensation attorney
At The Alberhasky Law Firm, we will help you to get the workers’ compensation you deserve. We have 25 years of workers’ compensation representation in the Springfield area. Workers’ compensation suits are complicated and involve many layers of legal jargon. We can help you work through these cases as we handle them all the time. If you believe you may have a workers’ compensation claim and would like to seek legal counsel, contact The Alberhasky Law Firm at (417) 865-4444. We’ll provide you with more information and schedule a meeting with a member of our team in our Springfield office.

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When it comes to workers’ compensation cases, Randy Alberhasky has over 25 years of experience. During his legal career he has personally tried over 200 workers’ compensation hearings and jury trials in courts throughout the State of Missouri. Many people who have suffered from a workplace injury and illness are unaware of the legal action they can take to receive the financial compensation that they’re entitled to.  The Alberhasky Law Firm, P.C. is proud to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve.

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During his legal career he has personally tried over 200 workers’ compensation hearings and jury trials, has been counsel in over 50 cases before the Missouri Labor and Industrial Relations Commission, 35 cases in front of the Missouri Court of Appeals and 3 cases before the Missouri Supreme Court. Read More…

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