Do I Have to Be Injured at Work to Claim Workers’ Compensation?

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Workers’ compensation claims can be complicated as is, but what if you’re injured when you’re not on work premises? Depending on the particulars of the situation, you may still be entitled to compensation. Today in the Alberhasky Law Firm blog, we’ll talk about when you can claim workers’ comp if you’re injured when you’re not at work.

Situations Where You Can Claim Workers’ Compensation

If you’re injured off work premises, filing a claim can get a bit tricky. Here are some situations where you wouldn’t necessarily be “at work” but where you could claim workers’ compensation: Company Events and Parties – If your employer throws an event or party, and you’re injured during the proceedings, you can claim workers’ compensation. This is technically a work-related injury. Travel for Business – If you have to travel for business, you can claim workers’ compensation. Keep in mind, this doesn’t cover your commute to and from work every day. But if you’re on a business trip, driving a company car, or doing errands for work, it’s considered a work-related injury and you can file a claim. Lunch Breaks – If you’re injured during your lunch break, you may be able to claim workers’ compensation. It depends on the situation. If you went off work premises to eat lunch, it wouldn’t be considered work-related. However, if you were instructed to go pick up lunch for the office, that would be considered work-related. Also, if you have your lunch on company property, and you’re injured during the lunch break, you can file a claim then. Keep in mind that workers’ compensation can be highly situational, so consulting with an attorney is always a good idea. Many cases can be complicated and it can be hard to tell whether or not a claim will be approved. An attorney can help you decide whether or not a claim is worth pursuing and they can help you appeal it if it comes to that.

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During his legal career he has personally tried over 200 workers’ compensation hearings and jury trials, has been counsel in over 50 cases before the Missouri Labor and Industrial Relations Commission, 35 cases in front of the Missouri Court of Appeals and 3 cases before the Missouri Supreme Court. Read More…

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