Disability Compensation Without a Disability Lawyer: Is It Possible?

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Can You Get Disability Compensation Without a Disability Lawyer?

If you’ve suffered a workplace injury that has led to a struggle with a specific disability, you’re likely to be entitled to disability compensation. If you feel like your case is cut-and-dry, you might feel confident enough to consider tackling it without the help of a disability lawyer. Is this really a good idea? You might be surprised at how essential having a good disability lawyer on your side can be — even when you have a clear case. In this blog, the workers’ compensation professionals at The Alberhasky Law Firm explain just why a disability lawyer is indispensable in a disability compensation case.

Navigating a Complicated System Alone

Applying for any kind of compensation or benefits will lead applicants into a very complicated system very quickly. If you have suffered a workplace injury that has resulted in a permanent disability, it can be even more complex. Unlike disability due to an existing condition or illness, a work injury disability can come with additional steps and reams of red tape. You not only need to provide your own evidence of a permanent disability, you might have to deal with getting a second opinion at the request of your employer’s insurance company. On top of the stress of dealing with the disability itself, this is an overwhelming amount of work without a disability lawyer to help you.

Being Prepared for a Fight

The sad truth of any workers’ comp or disability claim is that you’re very likely to meet resistance. We all know that insurance companies are rarely enthusiastic about paying out for any kind of claim, so you will need to be ready to fight for your compensation. This is not only about getting medical proof, it’s also about knowing the legal system and being able to confidently push back against a difficult insurance company or employer.

The Type of Disability Compensation

Additional complexities will come with different types of claims. Someone seeking long-term social security disability benefits will have to jump through a different set of hoops than someone seeking disability compensation from a workplace injury. Research and fighting alone risks finding out the wrong information about the type of claim you are making. The setbacks that can result from going in misinformed are potentially huge and could delay your claim or just get it denied outright.

Ask a Disability Lawyer About Compensation

Fighting for disability compensation without legal help is possible, but winning the amount you deserve — if you win anything at all — is unlikely. If you’re looking for help with your disability compensation case, talk to a professional disability lawyer at The Alberhasky Law Firm today. We’re dedicated to getting the best results in workers’ compensation and disability cases in Springfield, MO, and we’ll fight for you to get what you deserve.

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