Can I Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits from Psychological Injuries?

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Workplace injuries do both physical and emotional damage to you and your family. Your disabilities may leave you needing help with simple daily tasks that you used to do by yourself, such as getting dressed, taking a shower or driving your car. On top of that, you now live with the constant stress and worry of being away from work, losing your job and the devastating financial impact that could bring. So, could you be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits from your psychological or mental health damage? The short answer is yes, you may be able to get compensation for your psychological injury.
The psychological impact of workplace injuries and illnesses is very real and causes significant harm to those affected. The emotional and psychological trauma of a workplace injury can greatly affect a workers’ daily life. Injured workers in Missouri may recover benefits for the following types of psychological injury:
  • Psychological damage resulting from a physical workplace injury
  • Physical injuries caused by work-related psychological disorders
  • Work-related psychological damage caused by an extreme or unusual psychological event, without a physical injury
Unfortunately, the sometimes invisible nature of psychological injuries makes them an easy target for employers and insurers looking to cut corners and deny you the benefits you are owed. A qualified workers’ compensation and psychological injury attorney will help you obtain fair compensation for your mental health issues resulting from a workplace injury.

Depression From Workplace Injuries

Did you know that depression is more common among people who suffer workplace injuries than for those whose injuries are sustained outside of the workplace? Workers face an elevated risk of depression in the months following a physical injury at work. Depression compounds the negative effects of physical injuries, makes recovery take longer and decreases your chances of returning to a pre-injury level of functioning. Not surprisingly, this increases workers’ compensation costs significantly.  Women are more likely than men to experience mental illness following a work-related injury. Other risk factors include low income, lack of access to healthcare, loss of functional activities and family problems such as divorce, separation or death of a spouse.  Besides depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder are other psychological disorders commonly diagnosed after a workplace injury. 

Psychological Workers’ Comp Injury Claims in Missouri

If you feel that you’ve experienced significant emotional or psychological trauma as a result of workplace conditions, you should explore your options for a workers’ compensation claim. If you file a workers’ comp claim in the State of Missouri, several factors will determine the benefits you may receive for a psychological injury. 
  • A psychological examination by a qualified mental health professional. Factors considered may include pre- and post-injury behaviors, mood, judgment, thoughts, speech patterns and psychomotor activity, among other criteria. 
  • Your overall history including educational and professional background, pre-existing medical and psychological conditions, legal and family history. 
  • Testimony from experts who may include psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, social workers and other individuals who are qualified to assess your case. 
The workers’ compensation process is a complicated and daunting task to try to handle alone. A qualified workers’ comp lawyer will handle your case with dignity and compassion and make sure all relevant facts are presented in order to obtain the full amount you are entitled to. Have you suffered psychological injury as a result of a physical injury or occupational illness? Please contact The Alberhasky Law Firm to schedule a free consultation.  

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